Some Great Cheap Decorating Ideas For Apartments

When you’ve just moved into an apartment one of the hardest things to do is find extra money to decorate. Apartments almost always are done in basic white paint, tan carpet, and cheap dark, fake wood cabinets. Of course, there is always the possibility that someone has painted the interior a different color, but if the landlord has more than a few units, white is the standard for all. There are some things that you can do that won’t break the bank and you’ll get some compliments too, let’s take a look.

If You Can Afford It, Paint Before You Move In

Sure, your entire apartment has a fresh coat of basic white paint but wouldn’t you really rather have something else? The first thing to do is head on down to the home improvement store and check through all of their mismatched paint cans. They’ll usually be selling them at a steep discount since the customer returned them and it’s unlikely they’ll find someone else that likes the color.

After you sort through them and pick one out, think about blending it with another color or a can of white paint to get a pastel. You can experiment with some of their other cans of discounted paint then mix them together well and head on home. Most of the time you can get these discounted paints for around $5 a gallon, get several, and check every time you visit the store. Stock up on grays, light blues, and other favorites keeping in mind that you can mix them together and get some pretty nice colors.

Visit The Local Second Hand Store Or Goodwill

There are all kinds of neat decorating items that can be found at the second-hand store for just pennies on the dollar. Giant artwork, paintings, plant hangers, shelves, and copper pots, there should be whole aisles of them. One caveat, you should stick with a theme that you can find enough stuff to do the whole room with so it doesn’t just look disorganized. If you like copper pots, pans, shelves, and nick-knacks, go for that.

If you want ceramic plates and pots, there are usually tons of those too. When you get a whole bunch of stuff together that all matches, take your cart to the manager and offer them a price for the whole lot. Many items in second-hand stores and the Goodwill are just randomly priced by people that have no idea what they’re worth. But you can almost always make them an offer for an entire cart full and get a huge bargain.

Be sure and visit the towel, curtain, and textile aisles too since you can usually get lots of towels for your kitchen for less than a dollar each. You can hang towels on the fridge, oven, door handles, and many other places in the kitchen and make it look lived in and homey for just a few dollars. Curtains are another treat that goes for super low prices in the second-hand stores. Try to get the whole setup, curtain rods, brackets, and accessories all together so they match. These items are expensive when bought new but cheap when you can find them used.

If You Like Plants They Can Be Had Cheap If You’re Patient

The great thing about plants is they help clean the air by taking in excess CO2 and giving out fresh Oxygen. Not only that but they can also be bought relatively cheaply if you don’t mind waiting for them to grow. If you have to have them fully grown you’ll pay $10 or more for them but if bought small you might be able to find them for under 50 cents. Check at the second stores for used flower pots or, you can also take some standard plastic pots and spray paint them to match any color you desire. Plenty of people decorated their homes with plants back in the ’70s, is was the style back then, but they’re still a great way to decorate your apartment on a budget.

When you’re looking for cheap decorating ideas for your apartment try to mix things you can buy really cheaply with a can of spray paint to make them look new. You can do the same thing with house plant pots, curtain brackets, picture frames, and many other items to give them a new color and look for a bargain basement price.